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Barney’s farm cannabis seeds

Barney’s Farm Seed Company is a cannabis seed bank of marijuana seed breeders based in Amsterdam, well known for creating awesome and top-grade cannabis strains. Barney’s Farm seed guru named Derry, traveled for years in Asia and the Middle East, … Continue reading

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Cheese feminized marijuana seeds

A famous genotype that was developed in the UK, the origins of Cheese cannabis is simple and for some clear reasons, its true genotype are documented all over the country. For many tokers in the UK, an important benchmark for … Continue reading

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Mr Nice Seed Bank

Overseen by the well known and experienced cannabis breeder, the man known as Shantibaba, the Mr Nice cannabis seed bank includes a few experienced cannabis geneticists and marijuana experts with ongoing input and support from the famous Mr Nice, real … Continue reading

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Getting Cheap Canibis Seed

Finding cheap cannibis seeds from potent cannibis strains will result in potent cannibis. If you enjoy the cannibis you have, you’ll like the cannibis you garden. The cannibis label has little to do with potence. Choose seeds from potent cannibis … Continue reading

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Marijuana Growing Guide

>> Free download of the best Marijuana Growing Guide (e-book) from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds << The basics: Part 1: Choosing a location for growing pot Before you can cultivate your cannabis seeds you must  find an ideal position to raise … Continue reading

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Get cannabis seeds for Christmas

Listen guys, it Miss Santa here reminding you that if you want some good smoke for the festive season then it’s time to start planting now. In other words, stop surfing and dreaming and get those great cannabis seeds now. … Continue reading

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Cannabis Seeds Banks Reach New Heights

Defying worldwide prohibition of the growing and using marijuana the number of legitimate cannabis seed banks are expanding. A lot of those cannabis seed banks run web-sites where one is able to buy cannabis seeds on-line. It might seem bizarre … Continue reading

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Finding Cheap Canibis Seeds

Selecting high quality cannabis seeds from spectacular cannabis plants will produce spectacular cannabis. If you enjoy the cannabis you use regularly, you’ll love the cannabis you grow. The cannabis nickname is not related to potency. Always choose seeds from spectacular … Continue reading

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The truth about feminized cannabis seeds

The on-line marijuana seed trade is a a mega million Euro enterprise. Yes, I said euro, not $$. The euro is to weed seed trade as US dollars are to oil prices. The Euro is the standard way of pricing … Continue reading

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