Nirvana seeds medical marijuana

nirvana seedsNirvana Seeds is one of the most well known seed banks famous for award winning strains but they also cultivate a number of cannabis strains that could be best describe as medicinal types or medical marijuana.

Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana is either purchased privately by patients from known growers, or grown at home themselves, or perhaps even prescribed by a medical doctor. This last option is just starting to gain wider acceptance.

Considerations on the medical use of cannabis vary, but countless users plagued with various diseases maintain cannabis provides them relief from devastating symptoms like chronic sick feelings, vomiting.

In a recent Medical Journal article it stated that doctors who refused to allow cannabis for sufferers are mistaken, narrow-minded, and inhuman.

The use of medical marijuana strains is now an established custom that is gaining wider acceptance within the orthodox medical establishment. Some say too little too late but any improvement in this regard should be encouraged.

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