Best outdoor cannabis seeds for the UK and Ireland

outdoor marijuana seeds ukFor best crops in producing marijuana outdoors in the United Kingdom and Ireland use Early Skunk cannabis seeds.

Because of the large array of adaptability of cannabis, different varieties have been created to grow optimally in climates world over.

Thanks to the techniques and dedication of geneticists, there are now a wide range of cannabis strains suited for outdoor cultivation in all kinds of climates including the short damp summers of the UK and Ireland.

Growing marijuana outdoors is of course the easiest cultivating method because you don’t have to bother with grow-rooms.

If you pick the proper type of marijuana then you can be certain of a good harvest grown in its natural surroundings – outside and in sunlight – even in the UK and Ireland.

The marijuana seed strains from many top growing cannabis seed banks in the Netherlands are sorted into types contingent upon the climate well suited for the marijuana varieties to reach its ultimate budding capacity, and completely achieve its genetic possibilities.

Choosing the best strains will be contingent upon whether the selected area has a bright, temperate, or chilly growing season.

Lowryder can be grown outdoors in a temperate environment Indica marijuana as well as Sativa types are contingent upon the day length to flower, while the Ruderalis family develops types that bud as soon as they reach a specified maturity.

These varieties are labelled automatics strains, and are advantageous for brief growing seasons that could not normally permit marijuana to achieve full maturation, and lengthy summers in which case two crops may be possible in the same garden apart from the standard single harvest.

Ruderalis originates from northern USSR and has a natural low content of THC.

Indica varieties originate from the Himalayas as well as other mountainous regions in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The CBD and THC amounts of Indica strains varies very little`not much among the varieties. Sativa is its tropical sister.

Sativa marijuana varieties grow in a completely different climate, native to central and hotter locations, and have a higher THC percentage.

Therefore, a bright or Mediterranean climate with long growing season is mainly suited for outdoor cultivation of nearly all marijuana strains.

This type of climate covers virtually all of the southern hemisphere including many areas below, up to 60º.

Finally, for outdoor growing in locations with a temperate season and average summers, the types Big Bud, White Widow and Light of Jah are good choices.

There are many areas in the north lower than fifty degrees latitude that enjoy this climate, and most areas lower than forty-five degrees latitude benefit from more temperate climates.

According to this information, it can easily be figured out which marijuana strains are suited for outside growing based on the climate of each place.

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