Cheese feminized marijuana seeds

A famous genotype that was developed in the UK, the origins of Cheese cannabis is simple and for some clear reasons, its true genotype are documented all over the country.

For many tokers in the UK, an important benchmark for judging if a variety of marijuana seeds is up to scratch is its comparison with Cheese cannabis seeds.

Why? Its potent, enduring and Indica taste of Cheese marijuana is just like a quality cheese.

Mind you there’s far more than taste to this strain. The layer of resin which coat the flowers of this aromatic variety is dense.

Cheese cannabis provides a nicely balanced stone with a body and heady mixture. In essence, this strain delivers a noticeable presence of CBD which dampens the amount of THC contained in the flowers.

With an 8 week flowering cycle and large weighty harvests, Cheese marijuana has been placed on the list of the Top Ten by all the smoke houses in Holland and awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

These facts all jives with the high esteem and global acknowledgement that this strain has enjoyed.

The aspect of Cheese is languid, with broad leaves and slim stalks, a heirloom from its Skunk influence, but the buds it produces are large and numerous.

Good fortune chose Cheese feminized marijuana seeds to be first developed within the safety of a clandestine group in the UK, a forward thinking property rights undertaking known as Exodus.

In the nineties, this strain developed into a focal point for cannabis cloning activities which was to a degree accepted by local authorities and which produced a strain which is now thought of as number 1 in the UK.

Cheese cannabis could be thought of as a professional genotype including Cheese cannabis varieties like Blue Cheese, Confidential Cheese, LA Cheese, Exodus Cheese, Rockster’s Cheese also comparable to Skunk#1 and Critical, considering these marijuana strains, along with Cheese, are big harvest varieties, quick and not sprawling.

Remember, the thing that is paramount is that Cheese seeds pleases everyone that has the opportunity to check it out due to its sweet flavour, medium effects and the general great feelings it delivers.

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