White Window is the new White Widow

white windowSo what’s in a name? A lot apparently because the old handle for the most popular cannabis strain in the Amsterdam coffee-house circuit seems to be undergoing a transition from White Widow to White Window.

I guess people are shying away from the connotations of death associated with the word ‘widow’. And I suppose it does connote death – as in weeding the males out of the garden so that the White Widow puts all her vigour into producing high resin buds with a high THC content.

So now folks are calling the old widow as ‘window’ as in White Window. Kind of reminds me of another drug, LSD, as in the old tag Windowpane LSD.

(By the way, if you’re into a hallucinogenic experience but don’t want to risk your health taking an untested substance from a dodgy dealer, you can always opt for growing some LSD marijuana, named after its amazing LSD-like effects :D.)

So are you a traditionalist and are going to continue calling the most celbrate2d and famous cannabis strain in the world White Widow – or are you going to move along with the in crowd and use its new hip handle, White Window.

Hey it’s a free world, well almost, ujnless like you like to grow and smoke marijuana, in which case it’s a f**ked up world.

Keep on trucking fellow creatures.

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