Cheese cannabis seeds

cheese seedsA legendary genotype that got started in the United Kingdom, the history of Cheese seeds is well-known and for a number of legitimate reasons, its genetic origins are well-known all over England.

For countless tokers in the United Kingdom, an important reference for knowing if a genotype of cannabis seeds is worthy is its comparison with Cheese cannabis seeds.

Why? Its potent, long-lasting and Indica aroma of Cheese is something like a real cheese.

Of course there is far more than taste to Cheese cannabis. The presence of resin which cover the flowers of this fine genotype is thick.

Cheese marijuana produces a nicely balanced stone with a physical and cerebral combination. In a nutshell, Cheese cannabis delivers a significant presence of CBD which softens the amount of THC inherent in the harvest.

Enjoying an 8 week period of flowering and copious heavy yields, Cheese cannabis has been placed among the inner circle by all the smoke houses in Amsterdam and has been awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

This all explains the high esteem and international recognition that this strain has enjoyed.

The aspect of Cheese cannabis is languorous, with far reaching branches and thin stems, a genetic trait of its Skunk #1 ancestry, and the buds it delivers are solid and abundant.

Luck chose this strain to be initially reared within the network of an underground culture in the United Kingdom, a forward thinking grassroots community called Exodus.

In the last decade of the 20th century, this strain became a focus for indoor cannabis growing activities which were to a degree permitted by local authorities and which ended up in a strain which is now thought of as the ultimate in the United Kingdom.

It could be thought of as a cash crop variety including Cheese  like Big Buddha Cheese, Little Cheese Auto-flowering, LA Cheese, Cheese Wreck, Cheese Tease also similar to Big Bud and Power Plant, considering these weed strains, together with Cheese, are big harvest strains, quick growing and compact.

However, what is essential is that this strain delights everyone that has the ability to check it out on account of its sweet taste, sufficient highs and the general pleasant mood it delivers.

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