Marijuana Growing Guide

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The basics:

Part 1: Choosing a location for growing pot

out door growing marijuanaBefore you can cultivate your cannabis seeds you must  find an ideal position to raise your cannabis. The patch may be  in a location where people  are not likely to discover it. Pricker bushes, mud, water and mountain sides are all people deterrents. Growing near small conifers also helps camouflage your cannabis in the Fall when surrounding plants are turning brown and marijuana stays green.

Weed likes plenty of light. Your growing  site should have at least 3 hours of direct sun daily. Marijuana will grow the speediest with about  hours of exposure daily. The less sunshine the cannabis obtains the tardier the growth and less the crop. If there is fewer than 3 1/2 hours of direct sunshine at the grow site then aluminium foil may be put around the marijuana to reflect additional sunlight on the plants. In a shady place this will make a big difference. Weed also appears to react better to morning light than afternoon light. Bear in mind when picking a garden. Do not plant your precious cannabis seeds directly into earth. Start the pot seeds at home and transplant seedlings outside.

Soil is clearly an important component when choosing a outdoor site. Weed likes earth that drains well and has a ph of approximately 6.5. Weed earth should clump when you squeeze it and disintegrate easily when you prod it. Sand, or perlite may be placed in soils that do not drain well. The ph of the earth must also be kept approximately 6.5. If the Ph is too extreme then the cannabis will BE unable to suck in nutrients correctly. Low pH produces more males to develop. The pH can be made higher by contributing hydrated lime. The lime is slow to act so use it during the Fall or at least 4 weeks before sowing. pH can be lowered by adding sodium bicarbonate to the earth.

Levels of water at the garden site is also note worthy. If the water table is too high and the earth is soaked the marijuana roots will not receive enough oxygen and wither. If the water table is too low then the earth will dry out rapidly and you’ll have to water often. If the ground is too wet then the cannabis must be kept in pots. The bigger the better. The container should have a one inch layer of gravel for sufficient drainage. The rest of the container should be topped off with good growing earth.

A close source of fresh clean water is also helpful. If no water nearby in the area for watering then big containers should be partly buried. They will accumulate enough rainwater for watering. If you have to bring water to the growing  site then do it night-time and water the next morning. Watering after dark or late evening will double the probability of creating a mildew problem. Any tools needed for watering or plot maintenance should be left out of sight at the grow patch.

Many animals enjoy snacking on tender marijuana plants and if you don’t desire your marijuana to be eaten then you have to make sure they stay away. Human hair and blood works well. If you could, put up some kind of fence. When the marijuana plants are small a clear plastic cup can be placed on top of them to retain moisture and to keep sheep and other grazers out.

Part 2: Choosing the finest cannabis seeds

cannabis growingHumans have been smoking cannabis for centuries and, therefore, hundreds of varieties can be used. There are lots of trustworthy seedbanks that stock plenty of award winning strains. Be certain to obtain a cannabis plant that will thrive in your region. Going by the date of the first autumn frost select a variety that will be ready for harvest before then. If you are doing it commercially then the crop bounty is something to be kept in mind.  For eaxample take a look at cannabis seed strains like White Widow or Light of Jah. The marijuana with largest bounty is found around the equator where the sun is much more intense and the summer is longer. If these cannabis strains are picked they will have to be grown inside above 40 degrees latitude.

Part 3: Selecting seeds and sprouting

After you’ve got your nirvana seeds and the grow site is ready start sprouting the cannabis seeds. There are two techniques to get the seeds started: planting the cannabis seeds in the earth, or, starting the marijuana seeds in absorbent tissue and later moving them into small containers.

To begin the marijuana seeds use a pencil and stick the point twelve centimeters into the earth. Put one weed seed into the hole. The weed seed needs to be covered gently with earth and watered with a mild solution of high phosphorus fertilizer. Mark where the weed seed was planted so you don’t forget. Give each cannabis seed 3 square feet of room. If given less when they turn into large plants they will overshadow plants nearby and final size will be stunted. It is vital prevent the soil from getting too dry at this stage. When the surface appears parched soak with clean water. The first stems and cotyledon will be apparent in about 7 days. Continue to water when the dirt feels dry and after another week the first  recognizable leaves will appear.

If you want to sprout in strong tissue then use a flat container and cover it with a few strong tissues. Dampen them completely and spread the cannabis seeds out on the paper towel. Place on top with another three paper towels and cover everything with cling film. Put it in a warm dark place. Check every day for new shoots and don’t let the absorbent paper towels dry out. Once the  white root on a sprout is 1/4 inch long then it can be placed in the newspaper pot. The newspaper pot should be filled with the same dirt as the ganja plant is to be grown in permanently. Insert a pointed stick three quarters of an inch into the grow mixture. Put the seedling with the root facing down and cover loosely with soil. Moisten with a fertilizer with high phosphorus values. Never let the soil dry out. In six to seven days the cotyledon will show itself followed by the spiked leaves 6 to 7 days after that.

Part 4: First stage and spotting male plants

Now the cannabis plants ought to be on their first or second spur of cannabis shaped leaves. Make sure you water once the soil seems dry. Make certain your plants are secure from herbivores. Also, watch for mould. Any marijuana plants with mould detectable should be removed once spotted. Mind not to shake the marijuana plants due to the fact the mould spores will detatch and effect other plants. If you’re using small containers, re-pot when the fourth set of classic leaves manifests.   After the marijuana plants have matured half a dozen nodes they may be fertilized with a complete  fertilizer.

feminized cannabis seedsThe young plants can also be feminised now. To determine this, a piece of a black plastic garbage bag may be tied on the end of a branch using twist ties. Adjust the bag so that the branch obtains 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.  In approximately 3 weeks the male plants will have what appears to be little balls appearing on the branch. The females will have 2 very small white hairs developing from an immature calyx. The males can now be destroyed and you can be certain a bunch of female marijuana plants. Take off the plastic bin bag from the branch of the female and it will start growing again.

Part 5: Leaf growth

marijauna growthThe cannabis is likely to be by now be firmly rooted. Add water when the soil is without moisture about three inches below the surface. Spray gently with bug killer and repeat after rainfall. Fertilize the cannabis every 3 or so weeks. If the cannabis receive plenty of sunlight and gets all the fertilizer and water they need, then it is most common for them to grow up to two inches per day up to two inches each day. Should warnings of lack of nutrition become apparent, check the nutrient book for identification and the answer. Make sure not to over fertilize. The soil pH can be  once again. The pH should be less than it was before planting. Many fertilizers lower the pH as they disintegrate. If the pH is beneath 6.2 irrigate with wood ashes until the pH reaches to 6.5.

As the cannabis ages the root system grow less efficient at delivering nutrients to the maturing cannabis plant. You could commence feeding the foliage at this point, to put it in another way – applying a nutrient mix right onto the foliage. Foliage collects nutrients like roots do. When  to feed the foliage then lessen the fertilizer amount to half strength. Get a decent sprayer and adjust it to a misty spray. Foliage feeding is to be accomplished between 5 AM and 9 AM when the cannabis leaves stomata are open. Later in the day the stomata will not be open at all. The marijuana foliage must be sprayed in a fine mist with the plant food mix. Do not soak the marijuana leaves. Twenty four hrs after feeding the foliage the marijuana leaves must be resprayed with water to eliminate any unabsorbed fertilizer off the marijuana leaves.

Some trimming will be useful at this stage. Some trimming reduces lateral growth and maintains the cannabis’ height. Some trimming will not be useful for some marijuana varieties. Other marijuana varieties encourage increased growth around the stem and some pruning will be useful to concentrate on additional flower producing branches. Some trimming has shown itself to be a helpful technique for increasing bounty and keeping marijuana plants short and more difficult to see. Prune with sharp clean blades. when you prune the branch two branches will grow from that cut. Never take off more than fifteen cm of branch when you are pruning.

Part 6: Flowering

marijuana floweringFlowering begins in cannabis when the time of continuous night time reaches a required measurement. The actual period varies from cannabis plant to cannabis plant but an estimate is twelve hours daylight and 12 hours darkness. Be mindful if you visit your cannabis garden during the night. Any light, even that from a dim torch will stop the chemicals that starts bud production and the plants will revert back to green growth. If you have to tend after day light hours be sure not to use flash lights. How about inspect in the day time.

If you took out the male cannabis plants previously, the bulk of work is completed. If however, the male cannabis plants are still present then maintain vigilance. As soon as you are able to determine it’s sex, male plants must be taken out to disallow it fertilizing the female marijuana. At the time male marijuana plants start to manifest it shouldn’t be long the female cannabis start to develop. At this point fertilizing ought to be cut back and used at one quarter strength. Marijuana plants likes larger quantities of phosphorus while developing buds. Employ a fertilizer that is greater in phosphorus values.

Part 7: Bringing in the bounty

harvesting marijuanaAround this time the resin coated flowers will be maturing at a good pace. The best time to harvest the marijuana buds is when close to three-quarters of the  white pistil hairs are changing to brown. Examine the resin formed in crystals on the leaves with the aid of a magnifying glass. They should appear light yellow right before you harvest the cannabis. If the crystals of resin appear clear the resin has yet to reach full strength. If the crystals of resin are still brown then the resin has already peaked and strength is declining rapidly.  Snip off the branches and pack them in breathable bags. cut off the big leaves from lower down – they are no good as they have no potency. Do not shake the marijuana violently because the resin with THC can be lost.

Start by removing all the largest leaves and gradually move your way to the buds.  The fine cuttings encompassing the marijuana buds will dry out, when done transfer to a plastic freezer bag and place in the ice box.  Trimming is completed when only the marijuana buds are remaining. Suspend the marijuana buds in an unlit and draught free place and maintain at around room climate.  The loss of weight will be about 70 – 80% which could turn the environment quite humid.  Slight draughts or change in climate will introduce fungus which may decay the marijuana buds. Keep a check on the marijuana buds daily.  After approximately several days ,the marijuana buds are moisture free, they can be cut off the marijuana stalks. Once the buds are bagged, squeeze out the surplus air and seal-up. Put in a cool, dark space.  For longer term storage, put the marijuana buds in a freezer.

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