Nirvana seeds medical marijuana

nirvana seedsNirvana Seeds is one of the most well known seed banks famous for award winning strains but they also cultivate a number of cannabis strains that could be best describe as medicinal types or medical marijuana.

Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana is either purchased privately by patients from known growers, or grown at home themselves, or perhaps even prescribed by a medical doctor. This last option is just starting to gain wider acceptance.

Considerations on the medical use of cannabis vary, but countless users plagued with various diseases maintain cannabis provides them relief from devastating symptoms like chronic sick feelings, vomiting.

In a recent Medical Journal article it stated that doctors who refused to allow cannabis for sufferers are mistaken, narrow-minded, and inhuman.

The use of medical marijuana strains is now an established custom that is gaining wider acceptance within the orthodox medical establishment. Some say too little too late but any improvement in this regard should be encouraged.

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Barney’s farm cannabis seeds

barneys farm autoflowering seedsBarney’s Farm Seed Company is a cannabis seed bank of marijuana seed breeders based in Amsterdam, well known for creating awesome and top-grade cannabis strains.

Barney’s Farm seed guru named Derry, traveled for years in Asia and the Middle East, colecting local cannabis strains, and later he established Barney’s Farm and nowhas become a research center for developing potent and specialist strains of marijuana.

Barney’s Farm has colected tons of prizes world over for the potency and quality of its cannabis strains and seeds varities, and Barney’s Farm researchers continue to check out and collect rare marijuana DNA from all over the world, in their search for ground breaking work in marijuana development.

Included below are their most popular strains: (a mixture of feminised and auto-flowering feminised varieties).


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Best outdoor cannabis seeds for the UK and Ireland

outdoor marijuana seeds ukFor best crops in producing marijuana outdoors in the United Kingdom and Ireland use Early Skunk cannabis seeds.

Because of the large array of adaptability of cannabis, different varieties have been created to grow optimally in climates world over.

Thanks to the techniques and dedication of geneticists, there are now a wide range of cannabis strains suited for outdoor cultivation in all kinds of climates including the short damp summers of the UK and Ireland.

Growing marijuana outdoors is of course the easiest cultivating method because you don’t have to bother with grow-rooms.

If you pick the proper type of marijuana then you can be certain of a good harvest grown in its natural surroundings – outside and in sunlight – even in the UK and Ireland.

The marijuana seed strains from many top growing cannabis seed banks in the Netherlands are sorted into types contingent upon the climate well suited for the marijuana varieties to reach its ultimate budding capacity, and completely achieve its genetic possibilities.

Choosing the best strains will be contingent upon whether the selected area has a bright, temperate, or chilly growing season.

Lowryder can be grown outdoors in a temperate environment Indica marijuana as well as Sativa types are contingent upon the day length to flower, while the Ruderalis family develops types that bud as soon as they reach a specified maturity.

These varieties are labelled automatics strains, and are advantageous for brief growing seasons that could not normally permit marijuana to achieve full maturation, and lengthy summers in which case two crops may be possible in the same garden apart from the standard single harvest.

Ruderalis originates from northern USSR and has a natural low content of THC.

Indica varieties originate from the Himalayas as well as other mountainous regions in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The CBD and THC amounts of Indica strains varies very little`not much among the varieties. Sativa is its tropical sister.

Sativa marijuana varieties grow in a completely different climate, native to central and hotter locations, and have a higher THC percentage.

Therefore, a bright or Mediterranean climate with long growing season is mainly suited for outdoor cultivation of nearly all marijuana strains.

This type of climate covers virtually all of the southern hemisphere including many areas below, up to 60º.

Finally, for outdoor growing in locations with a temperate season and average summers, the types Big Bud, White Widow and Light of Jah are good choices.

There are many areas in the north lower than fifty degrees latitude that enjoy this climate, and most areas lower than forty-five degrees latitude benefit from more temperate climates.

According to this information, it can easily be figured out which marijuana strains are suited for outside growing based on the climate of each place.

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Cheese feminized marijuana seeds

A famous genotype that was developed in the UK, the origins of Cheese cannabis is simple and for some clear reasons, its true genotype are documented all over the country.

For many tokers in the UK, an important benchmark for judging if a variety of marijuana seeds is up to scratch is its comparison with Cheese cannabis seeds.

Why? Its potent, enduring and Indica taste of Cheese marijuana is just like a quality cheese.

Mind you there’s far more than taste to this strain. The layer of resin which coat the flowers of this aromatic variety is dense.

Cheese cannabis provides a nicely balanced stone with a body and heady mixture. In essence, this strain delivers a noticeable presence of CBD which dampens the amount of THC contained in the flowers.

With an 8 week flowering cycle and large weighty harvests, Cheese marijuana has been placed on the list of the Top Ten by all the smoke houses in Holland and awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

These facts all jives with the high esteem and global acknowledgement that this strain has enjoyed.

The aspect of Cheese is languid, with broad leaves and slim stalks, a heirloom from its Skunk influence, but the buds it produces are large and numerous.

Good fortune chose Cheese feminized marijuana seeds to be first developed within the safety of a clandestine group in the UK, a forward thinking property rights undertaking known as Exodus.

In the nineties, this strain developed into a focal point for cannabis cloning activities which was to a degree accepted by local authorities and which produced a strain which is now thought of as number 1 in the UK.

Cheese cannabis could be thought of as a professional genotype including Cheese cannabis varieties like Blue Cheese, Confidential Cheese, LA Cheese, Exodus Cheese, Rockster’s Cheese also comparable to Skunk#1 and Critical, considering these marijuana strains, along with Cheese, are big harvest varieties, quick and not sprawling.

Remember, the thing that is paramount is that Cheese seeds pleases everyone that has the opportunity to check it out due to its sweet flavour, medium effects and the general great feelings it delivers.

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Free marijauna seeds

Believe it or not there are a number of ways to get free cannabis seeds on-line if you know where to look.

Usually these free marijuana seeds  are part of a larger deal where you have to buy a packet of cannabis seeds and the free Marijuana seeds are simply included in the order.

Before you think they are simply giving away poor seeds, think again. Some ot the free marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks are top-gun strains and include feminized and auto-flowering strains.

To get the there free marijuana seeds you have to be fast however because quite often these good deals on cannabis seeds sell out quite quickly. In other words – you snooze you loose – when it comes to getting cannabis seeds for free.

So no, free cannabis seeds are too good to be true – you just got to be on the ball so to speak to snap them up before they are all gone. To see some of the most recent deals for free seeds simply click the link: Free marijuana seeds



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Fastest auto-flowering in the West! – Critical Jack

critical hjack autofloweringAuto-flowering cannabis strains are great if you’re in a rush and you want to get your hands on some great smoking marijuana as fast as possible. Automatics, as they are often called, start to bud shortly after germination and continue to go through the flowering cycle throughout their short but productive life cycle.

The time between germination and harvest varies on the species of cannabis seeds genetics you are using but generally most Automatics can be harvested with 120 days after germination.

One of the most celebrated automatic, or auto-flowering, cannabis strains come from Dinafem cannabis seeds bank and is known as Critical Jack Automatic. This amazing strain can be harvested in as little as 70 days after germination and has been recorded as delivering up to 150 grams of awesome smoking bud in such a short period.

Critical Jack Automatic doesn’t just produce a sizeable amount of great smoking weed in a short time, but also delivers a product that is in great demand simply do it’s effects  when smoked. A strong herb, Critical Jack Automatic imparts a smooth balanced buzz that reflects the high pedigree of its ancestors.

On top of that, Critical Jack is known for its wonderful aroma that is sure to please even the most discriminating weed smoker. No wonder it’s the most popular auto-flowering strain in the world.


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White Window is the new White Widow

white windowSo what’s in a name? A lot apparently because the old handle for the most popular cannabis strain in the Amsterdam coffee-house circuit seems to be undergoing a transition from White Widow to White Window.

I guess people are shying away from the connotations of death associated with the word ‘widow’. And I suppose it does connote death – as in weeding the males out of the garden so that the White Widow puts all her vigour into producing high resin buds with a high THC content.

So now folks are calling the old widow as ‘window’ as in White Window. Kind of reminds me of another drug, LSD, as in the old tag Windowpane LSD.

(By the way, if you’re into a hallucinogenic experience but don’t want to risk your health taking an untested substance from a dodgy dealer, you can always opt for growing some LSD marijuana, named after its amazing LSD-like effects :D.)

So are you a traditionalist and are going to continue calling the most celbrate2d and famous cannabis strain in the world White Widow – or are you going to move along with the in crowd and use its new hip handle, White Window.

Hey it’s a free world, well almost, ujnless like you like to grow and smoke marijuana, in which case it’s a f**ked up world.

Keep on trucking fellow creatures.

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White Widow from Amsterdam

Amsterdam coffee shops is where White Widow got its start and now has quickly grown into the most popular cannabis strain in the world.

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Cannabis Seeds On-line

cannabis seedsThe global buying and selling of cannabis seeds has blossomed over the past decade. There are several reasons contributing to this evolution.

A huge reason for the development of the cannabis seed business is the fact that in most states marijuana seeds are legal to possess or sell. The growth of marijuana remains against the law in many states but not the seeds. (The only exception in the world is USA where sanctions and fines applies to the trade in marijuana seeds.)

Another factor is that the approach regarding the trade has relaxed recently. This can be understood by the fact that the majority of players now at the levers of control were part of the generation that was brought up on marijuana recreational experimentation. More to the point, most government officials have experimented with marijuana in their teens and have come to realize it is not the harmful drug that their parents used to associate it with.

Another factor is that cannabis seeds can be acquired on the web where infamous marijuana strains such as Trainwreck can easily be selected. A growing number of people are now more comfortable with looking for bargains and ordering them over the web. This is as relevant for cannabis seeds as other things one can buy. You are now relieved from the need to befriend your local druggie and arrange unsafe transactions in shady lanes.

Another reason that is promoting the trade in cannabis seeds is its increased use as a medication. Marijuana is now often prescribed for the suffers of chemotherapy. The utilization of marijuana as prescription drugs has in some respects legitimized its use as a recreational drug. Numerous people may seek these seeds to use medical marijuana while other might grow cannabis with wider uses in consideration.

Another reason promoting the increasing business in cannabis seeds is the increasing interest in green living and Do-It-Yourself. People desire to be self-reliant and be more knowledgeable about food and other things they consume – like marijuana. This movement has given rise to a development of famous marijuana strains such as Light of Jah by genetic horticulturists – commonly living in Netherlands – where it’s allowed to farm or buy and sell cannabis in that country.

The reasons combined is generating a worldwide multi-million dollar business in cannabis seeds guesstimated to have a turnover close to 500 million USD per year. There’s no sign of a decrease of the business in cannabis seeds on the web and it is widely predicted to increase in the coming future despite recession.

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Cheese cannabis seeds

cheese seedsA legendary genotype that got started in the United Kingdom, the history of Cheese seeds is well-known and for a number of legitimate reasons, its genetic origins are well-known all over England.

For countless tokers in the United Kingdom, an important reference for knowing if a genotype of cannabis seeds is worthy is its comparison with Cheese cannabis seeds.

Why? Its potent, long-lasting and Indica aroma of Cheese is something like a real cheese.

Of course there is far more than taste to Cheese cannabis. The presence of resin which cover the flowers of this fine genotype is thick.

Cheese marijuana produces a nicely balanced stone with a physical and cerebral combination. In a nutshell, Cheese cannabis delivers a significant presence of CBD which softens the amount of THC inherent in the harvest.

Enjoying an 8 week period of flowering and copious heavy yields, Cheese cannabis has been placed among the inner circle by all the smoke houses in Amsterdam and has been awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

This all explains the high esteem and international recognition that this strain has enjoyed.

The aspect of Cheese cannabis is languorous, with far reaching branches and thin stems, a genetic trait of its Skunk #1 ancestry, and the buds it delivers are solid and abundant.

Luck chose this strain to be initially reared within the network of an underground culture in the United Kingdom, a forward thinking grassroots community called Exodus.

In the last decade of the 20th century, this strain became a focus for indoor cannabis growing activities which were to a degree permitted by local authorities and which ended up in a strain which is now thought of as the ultimate in the United Kingdom.

It could be thought of as a cash crop variety including Cheese  like Big Buddha Cheese, Little Cheese Auto-flowering, LA Cheese, Cheese Wreck, Cheese Tease also similar to Big Bud and Power Plant, considering these weed strains, together with Cheese, are big harvest strains, quick growing and compact.

However, what is essential is that this strain delights everyone that has the ability to check it out on account of its sweet taste, sufficient highs and the general pleasant mood it delivers.

To view the top stains click the link: Cheese Seeds  or how about some free Cheese seeds with your order (limited time offer)

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